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Our 2021 Tech Salary Guide gives both tech talent and hiring managers the most recent data they need to stay ahead in the industry.

In this guide you will find:

  • 2021 Philadelphia salaries for 120+ tech roles
  • Major market-shaping trends after Covid
  • Remote geographical salary adjustments

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What is the average tech salary in Philadelphia for software developers?

The average tech salary in Philadelphia is $95,000 but varies significantly based on many different factors and the new normal as a result of the recent pandemic conditions.

Why are Philadelphia tech salaries increasing?

Taking effective action to strengthen Greater Philadelphia’s tech workforce requires an understanding of the current regional labor market, an analysis of recent trends, Philadelphia tech salaries, and an assessment of future needs. A recent in-depth market assessment yielded six key findings about Philadelphia's tech workforce:

  • Greater Philadelphia's tech workforce is large and growing, but is constrained by an undersupply of qualified candidates and a lack of diversity.
  • IT employers in the region are struggling to fill high-skill job openings.
  • With the rapid pace of change in technology, employers need high-skill workers who can learn continuously, problem solve, and adapt to evolving business needs.  
  • Several tech occupations provide career on-ramps for middle-skill workers, with one-third of the region’s IT workforce holding less than a bachelor’s degree.
  • Many regional residents – from K-12 students to adults – do not understand the wide variety of jobs, industries, and career paths in tech.
  • Greater Philadelphia’s IT education and training ecosystem is wide-ranging.
  • Greater Philadelphia’s tech sector is moderately sized and accounts for 4.4 percent (approximately 115,000 jobs) of the metropolitan region’s total employment in 2019.
  • Some of the region’s fastest growing tech jobs do not require four-year degrees and thus may be employment options for those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic.
  • Greater Philadelphia’s tech sector is buoying the local economy during this time of crisis, and it may offer post-pandemic opportunities which could ignite the reconstruction of the local economy.

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