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Tech Salaries in New York

Our 2021 Tech Salary Guide gives both technologists and hiring managers the critical tech job market information they need to stay ahead in the industry.

In this guide you will find:

  • Current New York, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Bronx salaries for 170+ tech roles
  • Local salary variances for major North American markets
  • Three major market-shaping trends influencing tech talent demand

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What is the average tech salary in New York for software developers?

The average tech salary in New York is $130,000 in 2021 but varies significantly based on location, industry and company size. Download our guide to find the salary for your role.

Why are tech salaries in New York increasing?

More than a year into the pandemic, New York still serves as the go-to market for not only tech leaders, but so many other tech professionals outside of the state. Although there has been an outflow of New York workers relocating in other areas, the technology realm as a whole was not greatly impacted.


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