Tech Salaries in Philadelphia

Our 2022 Tech Salary Guide gives both tech talent and hiring managers the most recent data they need to stay ahead in the industry.

In this guide you will find:

  • 2022 Philadelphia salaries for 120+ tech roles
  • Industry trends and insights from our Staffing Experts
  • Remote geographical salary variance

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What is the average tech salary in Philadelphia for software developers?

The average tech salary in Philadelphia is $95,000 but this varies significantly based on location, industry and company size. Download our guide to find the salary range for your role.


Why are Philadelphia tech salaries increasing?

To best understand the Greater Philadelphia’s tech workforce requires a deep knowledge of the current Philadelphia labor market, an analysis of recent trends and Philadelphia tech salaries, and an assessment of future needs. A recent market assessment shows that while Philadelphia's tech workforce is increasing, now with approximately 115,000 jobs, this only accounts for 4.4% of the city's total workforce, and IT employers are currently struggling to fill high-skill job openings due to a lack of qualified candidates.

With a growing workforce and companies on the lookout for more tech talent, Philadelphia has the opportunity to become a major tech hub in 2022 and beyond. As many IT workers look to leave expensive tech hubs across the nation but are not accepting pay cuts, some are now calling the greater Philadelphia area home, which leads to salary increases across the city.


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