Tech Salaries in Boston

Our 2022 Tech Salary Guide showcases why Boston is considered the most innovative tech hub on the east coast by both technologists and businesses.

In this guide you will find:

  • Current Boston salaries for 120+ tech roles
  • Industry trends and insights from our Staffing Experts
  • Remote geographical salary variances

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What is the average tech salary in Boston for software developers?

The average tech salary in Boston is $125,000 but this varies significantly based on location, industry and company size. Download our guide to find the salary for your role.

Why are tech salaries in Boston increasing?

Home to startups, biotech companies and some of the world’s most recognizable robotics companies, Boston’s tech industry continues to grow. This is shown by Boston’s tech industry seeing a 5.8% growth in average tech worker salaries across the last four years.

According to CompTIA, Massachusetts has the highest concentration of tech professionals in its overall workforce (11.5%). “Technology powered the job growth and economic gains in the past decade in Massachusetts and across the county while delivering countless benefits in how we work, communicate, create and share,” said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA.

Overall, Boston scores as a top-10 tech market in the U.S. With one of the largest millennial populations in the country and a highly concentrated amount of candidates with college degrees in science, mathematics and engineering, Boston remains a leader in educating, retaining and attracting some of the top talent in the tech industry. 


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