IT Pay Rates and Compensation Trends in 2022

Motion’s 2022 State of Enterprise Tech Employment provides crucial insights into IT contracting and pay rates for technologists and hiring managers at large employers. 


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IT Pay Rates and Tech Market Insights for 2022

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In 2021, enterprise companies and contract workers continued to grow and thrive in the tech space, taking the challenges of these uncertain times head-on and producing innovative products and services across North America. However, the past 18 months have brought on challenges that are unique to both contractors and enterprise businesses. From the widening tech talent gap to the evolution of the workplace to the Great Resignation in the United States, the 2022 Enterprise State of Tech Employment will give you the insights and advice you need to take on 2022. Major topics include:

  • How much more should you or your team be earning per hour in 2022?Why?
  • What can enterprise employers offer to attract top contract candidates? 
  • How can workers ensure career growth while contracting?
  • What impact will remote and hybrid roles have on IT pay rates in 2022 and beyond? 
  • How can contract roles help you better handle the current tech talent shortage?

In addition to market insider information that 30 years of experience inside the tech recruiting world brings, our 2022 Enterprise State of Tech Employment shares insights from in-depth compensation data for hundreds of IT job titles from cities across North America. As always, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions in the tech job market and have the proper expectations when hiring top IT Talent. 

For local variances on compensation or 120+ national salary averages for 2022, please visit our 2022 Tech Salary Guide Page here.



Tech Market Experts

"What tech hiring or job seeking trends do you expect to see in 2022?"


"In 2023, job seekers will be forced to improve their business IQ to find the right role to grow their career. While it's still a great time to be in tech, venture capitalists are starting to be more discerning with their money, so when deciding on a job, candidates will have to go beyond a big salary and look at a business's fundamentals to see if there are any red flags."

Phill Perkins

Vice President


"For junior-level workers in the tech community, 2023 will be the year of contracting. With some companies looking to reduce costs, contracting will become a way for those getting their start in IT to get their foot in the door and establish experience. Those that thrive in that environment will then have their options open to be full-time or to continue on as a contractor in new positions."

Kelsey Prisby

Vice President


"In 2023 the tech industry will see an increased spending and hiring in both Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. The increase in computing power due to the advances in quantum computing and AI has been a boon to tech companies, and continuing to advance in this sector will be key to success for many businesses."

John Rosenbaum

Chief Information Officer


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