2023 Dallas IT Salary Trends

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Dallas IT Salaries and Tech Market Insights for 2023



One of the strongest sectors in Dallas, the tech industry continues to make tremendous strides and growth in 2023 despite the uncertainty of the national economy. With unemployment rates below pre-pandemic levels and the increased acceptance of remote work, IT workers have more choices than ever on what and where they want to work. Motion's 2023 Dallas Tech Salary Guide pours through the data to give technologists and tech leadership in-depth insights into the most pressing topics inside the tech industry, including:

  • How the Recent Inflation and Recession Fears Have Impacted Tech Hiring
  • How to Secure Career Growth in Uncertain Times
  • Emerging Tech Industries that are Increasing Hiring
  • Advice from Experts on How to Succeed in 2023

In addition to market insider information that 30 years of experience deep inside the tech recruiting world brings, our 2023 Dallas Tech Salary Guide includes in-depth compensation averages for hundreds of IT job titles. As always, our goal is to provide you with the data and insights you need to make the right decisions in the tech job market and have the proper expectations when hiring top IT talent.



Tech Market Experts

What tech hiring or job seeking trends
do you expect to see in 2023?

Cory S Headshot final

Cory Steininger
Managing Director

"The Dallas companies that fully embrace the hybrid office model in 2023 will be the ones that thrive. Many of the candidates we work with are looking for the flexibility of working from home the majority of the time but would like an office available to them for major projects or whiteboarding sessions. Businesses that listen to employees and create an environment that suits their needs will be the ones that get top talent.

Average IT Salaries Dallas

Kelsey Prisby
Vice President

"For junior-level workers in the tech community, 2023 will be the year of contracting. With some companies looking to reduce costs, contracting will become a way for those getting their start in IT to get their foot in the door and establish experience. Those that thrive in that environment will then have their options open to be full-time or to continue on as a contractor in new positions.


JR BW Headshot Final

John Rosenbaum
Chief Information Officer

"In 2023,the tech industry will see an increased spending and hiring in both Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. The increase in computing power due to the advances in quantum computing and AI has been a boon to tech companies, and continuing to advance in this sector will be key to success for many businesses.


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