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Product and UX abilities are a top 5 in-demand skill according to Linkedin. In the best jobs to have, Product Manager (#3) and UI Designer (#24) are in the top 25 for 2021, according to Glassdoor.

“Throughout 2021, we've seen almost every company we work with hire for Product and UX and the demand has been consistent," said Alexa Mohr, UX Practice Manager at Motion. "Some of our clients are hiring Product Managers for the first time, realizing the value in having a team member who is focusing on the user and their experience. This means many businesses are truly valuing the human experience and focusing on making better products that serve those users."

Motion Recruitment has gone through the numbers and has found the highest paying Product and UX jobs in North America for 2022. Continue reading below to see the positions that command the highest salaries at both mid and senior levels and download Motion’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide to learn about the latest tech market trends, insights from industry experts and salary data for over 120 tech positions and 16 cities across North America.

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Highest Product and UX Salaries

Senior-Level Positions

  1. Product Designer
    Senior-Level Salary Range: $135,000 - $161,000
  2. Product Manager
    Senior-Level Salary Range: $126,000 - $157,000
  3. UI/UX Designer
    Senior-Level Salary Range: $131,000 - $138,000

Mid-Level Positions:

  1. Product Manager
    Mid-Level Salary Range: $110,000 - $136,000
  2. Product Designer
    Mid-Level Salary Range: $96,000 - $128,000
  3. UI/UX Designer
    Mid-Level Salary Range: $96,000 - $125,000

Product and UX Average Overall Salaries

Mid-Level Range: $96,000 - $126,000

Senior-Level Range: $130,000 - $152,000

Our 2022 Tech Salary Guide gives professionals and hiring managers the most up-to-date salary ranges for a wide variety of roles and skillsets in order to stay competitive in today's market, along with providing market insights that come with the over 30 years of experience Motion has.  

Some of the topics you can find in the guide: 

  • As Product and UX Designer salaries continue to grow, how much should you or your team be earning? Why? 
  • The impact of increasing remote and hybrid office jobs on salaries in 2022 and beyond. 
  • As the tech talent shortage continues to widen, what challenges and opportunities can you focus on? 
  • How to understand and navigate both “The Great Resignation” of 2021 and the main drivers of success in 2022. 

For more average salaries for UI/UX and product designer, manager, researcher roles, check the guide for your city's or national ranges across 120+ IT jobs across North America.

Download the guide to see a comprehensive list of all infrastructure and security salary ranges including: 

  • Graphic Designer Salaries
  • Product Designer Salaries
  • Product Manager Salaries
  • UI Developer Salaries
  • UI/UX Designer Salaries
  • UX Researcher Salaries

Additionally, you'll find more salaries:

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Download the 2022 Product and UX Tech Salary Guide to have the data and analysis you need to make the right decisions in the tech job market, have the proper expectations when hiring top IT talent or know your full worth when job seeking in the tech industry.