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Data Engineer Salaries 2022

Our 2022 Tech Salary Guide gives professionals and hiring managers the most up-to-date salary ranges for a wide variety of roles and skill sets in order to stay competitive in today's market, along with providing market insights that come with the over 30 years of experience Motion has. 

What is the Senior Data Engineer salary range?

  • High range of a senior data engineer salary is  $170,444.
  • The average senior data engineer salary is $139,770

What is the Mid-Level Data Engineer salary range? 

  • High range of a mid-level data engineer salary is  $170,444
  • The average mid level data engineer salary is $139,770

Download our guide to see a comprehensive list of all Data Engineer salary ranges, including Data engineer salaries, Data scientist salaries, Python salaries, Software developer salaries, Back end developer salaries, Cybersecurity salaries.



Some of the topics discussed: 

  • As data engineering salaries continue to grow, how much should you or your team be earning? Why? 
  • The impact of increasing remote and hybrid office jobs on salaries in 2022 and beyond. 
  • As the tech talent shortage continues to widen, what challenges and opportunities can you focus on? 
  • How to understand and navigate both “The Great Resignation” of 2021 and the main drivers of success in 2022. 

Download the 2022 Data Engineering Tech Salary Guide to have the data and analysis you need to make the right decisions in the tech job market, and have the proper expectations when hiring top IT talent or knowing your full worth when job seeking in the tech industry.