Cyber Security Salaries 2021

Our 2021 Tech Salary Guide gives Infrastructure, Security professionals and hiring managers the most up-to-date salary ranges for a wide variety of roles and skill sets, in order to stay competitive in today's market.

Some of the salaries you'll see in the 2020 guide include:

Senior Level Cyber Security Engineer Salary:

  • High: $197,897
  • Average: $151,458

Mid-Level Cyber Security Engineer Salary: 

  • High: $131,771
  • Average: $96,979

Download the guide to see a comprehensive list of all Infrastructure and Security salary ranges: 

  • Information Security Salaries
  • Infrastructure Security Salaries
  • Infrastructure Engineer Salaries
  • Cyber Security Analyst Salaries
  • Cyber Security Architect Salaries

And more...