Tech Salaries in Chicago

Our 2021 Tech Salary Guide gives both tech professionals and hiring managers information about trends shaping tech salaries in Chicago in 2021.

In this guide you will find:

  • 2021 Chicago salaries for 120+ tech roles
  • Major market-shaping trends after Covid
  • Remote geographical salary adjustments

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What is the average tech salary in Chicago for software developers?

The average tech salary in Chicago is $115,000 but varies significantly based on how companies and start-ups are setting themselves apart as innovators in their fields.

Why are Chicago tech salaries increasing?

Home to a growing mix of startups, incubators, accelerators and major tech corporations, Chicago’s tech hub offers thousands of employment opportunities for software engineers with the right qualifications. From 2010 through 2019, tech employment in Illinois grew by 15.6%, more than 5% the national growth average. In fact, demand is expected to increase again due to two main factors:

1. The leading trade association for the global information technology industry recently announced that 13 influential business leaders from the Chicago area will serve as executive council members for its Emerging Technology Community in 2020. The community identifies and promotes business opportunities in innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, drones, the internet of things, 5G wireless technology with direct influence on tech salaries in the Chicago area.

2. Chicago’s tech entrepreneurs, investors and community stakeholders are preparing for a new year, where the possibilities are almost guaranteed to be more promising than in 2020. The digitized world has had a profound effect on how Chicago startups are raising venture capital. Because VCs were vetting startups digitally, as opposed in-person, many coastal investors from Silicon Valley or New York were discovering and investing in heartland startups, Henderson said. The nature of remote investor meetings meant VCs were operating more on a meritocratic basis than on a geographic one. This new reality will cause an inevitable increases in tech salaries and further tech professional demand.


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